Truvativ Noir XC 3.3 And 1.1 Review

SRAM have introduced some of the most pioneering cycling components since their formation in 1987. Focussing purely on cycling components and nothing else, this dedicated and focussed company have become renowned among professional and recreational cyclists for creating pioneering, high quality components every time. One of SRAM’s leading ranges is the SRAM Truvativ, created for cyclists with limitless ambition and determination, the Truvativ range has developed some of the most performance enhancing products. Two of Truvativs most notable products are the Noir XC 3.3 and the Noir 1.1.

The Truvativ Noir XC 3.3 was the first developed crankset out of the two, created using uni-directional carbon fibre and weighing 785 grams, our testers were instantly impressed with the Noir XC 3.3 light weight and strong design. The Noir XC 3.3 is the lightest chainset offered by Truvativ yet, with the perfect strength ratio of the carbon fibre make the Noir XC 3.3 one of the stiffest cranksets available. Our tests show that the perfect rigidity level guarantees a fantastic amount of power transfer between the cyclist and the road, while its light weight also help to improve the cyclists overall performance. The Noir XC 3.3 also features the new tungsten anodized rings which have been proven to be incredibly stiff and durable, ensuring no power loss whilst riding as well as precise and smooth changes through all ratios. This good looking chainset comes in a variety of colours, including sleek grey, racing green and starling orange, so each rider can personalise their chainset to suit their personality and bike frame. Our testers were extremely impressed by the Noir XC 3.3 and didn’t believe it could be compared with by any other chainset.

The release of the Truvativ Noir XC 1.1 proved our testers wrong. The Noir XC1.1 is the successor of the Noir XC 3.3, maintaining a lot of its predecessor’s features the Noir XC1.1 is a fantastic crankset. Although unlike the 3.3 the Noir XC1.1 has been manufactured solely as a single speed crank. As with the 3.3 the Noir XC1.1 has been developed using carbon, however, the Noir XC1.1 features a new crankarm design. The design includes hollow aluminium spine that has been forged with a unidirectional graphite casing. Our tests have indicated that this pioneering design has created an incredibly stiff crankset that impressively transfers power with no energy lost even during intensive cycling sessions. The Noir XC1.1 features a 32 tooth chainring that has been made using 7075-T6 aluminium creating a durable chainring that successfully shifts through all ratios quickly and smoothly. Weighing 612 grams without bottom bracket, the Noir XC1.1 is a great crankset that parallels the Noir XC 3.3.

Both of these cranksets are fantastic additions to the Truvativ range. Their strength, durability guarantee that they are both performance enhancing cranksets that will impress all cyclists at all levels from the first ride.

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