SRAM Truvativ XX BB30 Review

SRAM are passionate about cycling, since their formation in 1987 they have only ever had one goal in mind and that is to create fantastic cycling components. A lot of SRAM products are unrivalled in their design, in their development and their performance. SRAM create unique, pioneering products that are sought out by professional cyclist and bought by leisure cyclists, both types of riders appreciate SRAM products and readily accept that they greatly enhance their performance. SRAM have a lot of different ranges to ensure that every cyclist gets the best product, one of their most premium ranges is Truvativ who create products “for the restless spirit”. One of Truvativ’s best cycling components is the Truvativ XX BB30 crankset. This recently updated crankset is one the best cranksets ever developed. The Truvativ XX BB30 crankset has been created using light weight integrated carbon composite on the crankarms, while the spider has been created using aluminium. These lightweight materials have meant that the Truvativ XX BB30 only weighs 694 grams including bottom bracket making it one of the lightest cranksets available to cyclists. While it maintains a low weight the crankset maintains a high level of rigidity, which helps to deliver amazing performances. Another great feature of the Truvativ XX BB30 is the pioneering and popular Giga X pipe external bottom bracket bearing assembly, this new and efficient design detains the left side bearing between the spindle and left crankarm. This eliminates the need to side-load bearings during adjustment and makes the bearings a lot more durable. The Truvativ XX BB30 feature two different chainrings combinations both of which have a 3:2 ratio and have been made using aluminium 7075-T651. All of the chainrings are extremely strong and stiff which guarantees excellent power transfer. They also feature SPAM;s new ramp/pin/cutout design called X-Glide which doubles the number of ideal shift points and ensures that every shift is precise, fast and smooth. SRAM have once again created a fantastic component in the Truvativ XX BB30 which offers cyclists exceptional performance with a high level of durability unfound on any rival cranksets.

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