FSA Afterburner BB30 Review

Leading manufacturer of cycling components Full Speed Ahead (FSA) have created some of the most originally designed cycling components used by professional athletes and enthusiastic recreational cyclist all around the global. Their latest production is the FSA Afterburner bb30 chainset, this component has combined some of the best previous FSA design with additional features unfound on any other FSA chainset. Made using forged alloy the Afterburner bb30 features a 3 bolt crank spider that is extremely strong and capable of withstanding heavier cyclists. Attached to the durable crank spider are the innovative hollow forged alloy arms that offer an equilibrium of weight and strength unfound on any previous FSA chainsets or solid arms. The crank arms are also extremely rigid allowing for efficient power transfer between cyclist and bike, with our tests showing no power loss at any point. It is this rigidity and lightness that makes the Afterburner bb30 a perfect choice for competitive racing cyclists. FSA’s pioneering chrome steel MegaExo bearing featured on the Afterburner bb30 make it one of the smoothest, easy rolling chainsets available to cyclist, while the bearings also guarantee that it is extremely durable with little maintenance required.

FSA’s Afterburner bb30 also features AL7075 CNC processed chainrings, this includes unique smaller inner chainrings, which slide into all ratios effectively and smoothly with little noise created. The chainset also feature the perfect Q factor setting and a narrower profile, making it extremely comfortable for riders even after hours in the saddle. Weighing 870 grams without the bottom bracket, the only arguable fault of the Afterburner bb30 is that it is a little heavier compared to other chainsets available on the cycling market today. The FSA Afterburner BB30 Chainset weighs in at a total of 1021g Nevertheless, despite this single issue the FSA Afterburner bb30 is an excellent chainset that shifts very well, is very strong, looks stylish and is very durable offering performance enhancing features to sport level athletes.

The Afterburner from FSA features AL7075 100% CNC machined chainrings and hollow forged AL6061 arms. The chainset also features aluminium Torx T-30 bolts and cartridge BB30 bearings. The chainline stands at 50mm, with 44/32/22 rings and a BCD of 104/64mm. The chainset is finished off in a high polished anodised grey and features laser graphics.

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