SRAM Red Review

Chicago based manufacturer, SRAM have made a considerable impact on the cycling world. With over 10 years of experience designing drivetrains, SRAM has created some of the most high-quality products in particular their SRAM RED chainset. This chainset has been created using an integrated carbon-spider construction that is very light, especially combined with the latest designed ceramic bearings, which are incredibly durable. With the entire chainset weighing a mere 760 grams in total and a striking 10 grams lighter than SRAM’s Force. However, the construction is extremely stiff and it is the rigidity of the SRAM RED which ensures that it leads the way where other chainsets follow. The stiffness of RED guarantees that all power is efficiently transferred with less effort required from the cyclist. The carbon arms of the crank have been built on an aluminium spine, which is attached to the carbon spider, this perfect combination of carbon and aluminium ensures that the crank of this chainset is extremely strong and stiff. One of the most striking features of the SRAM Red chainset is that the arms have a lower profile, this low profile provides additional stiffness and lower Q-factors. This low profile also places the feet in a more natural position. This comfortable position guarantees that a cyclist pedalling action is improved, therefore, enhancing the overall performance of a cyclist. Additionally, the RED features SRAM’s PowerGlide chainrings which are stiff, durable and offer precision shifts. The RED chainset has a sleek look with decals featured on both the inside and outside of the arms. The only visible fault our testers discovered was that the outer chainring displayed a subtle amount of flex at high torque, especially during intensive pedalling sessions. Nevertheless, our verdict was that the SRAM RED is a fantastic bike component; it looks unique, is strong and powerful but more importantly, it performs amazingly and is a must for the true professional.

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