Azonic Raptor Review

Azonic began in 1989 as part of the O’Neal USA company and for over 22 years they have produced some innovative and exciting biking components. The development team of this leading company work closely with professional cycling athletes in order to create pioneering products that effective improve a cyclist’s performance. One of Azonic most well known and original products is the Azonic Raptor crankset, which features the 7075 aluminium crank arms which have been designed to have a smooth and low profile making them ideally designed for open trail cyclists. Additionally, the crank arms and overall crankset design and construction, includes additional material which is used in key areas guaranteeing a high level of rigidity; this stiffness ensures that all power transmission is channelled directly from the cyclist to the road creating a noticeable difference in a cyclist performance. The Azonic Raptor is also extremely strong; this noticeable strength makes it an ideal crankset for intensive cycling competitions as well as for slightly heavier riders. The strength of the chainrings ensures that the Raptor shifts smoothly and precisely whilst remaining durable. Another great feature of the Azonic Raptor is the anodized red outboard sealed ball bearing which allow for more effective and smooth pedalling. The ball bearings of the Azonic Raptor also ensure that the crankset is extremely durable, with no wear shown on the crankset despite intensive testing. The only fault we found with the Azonic Raptor is the larger size of the 38T ring combination, while this is great on fast open trails, some riders may find it difficult to effective climb steep inclines. Nevertheless, Azonic have undoubtedly produced a fantastic cranket that looks great and possess an unbelievable level of stiffness. The crankset performs well, guarantees speed and will benefit all riders at all levels.

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