RaceFace Ride XC Review

A leading manufacturer of mountain bike components RaceFace company have made a smooth transition into creating excellent, high quality components for road cyclists. Although a new manufacturer of road bike components, they have quickly reached the high standards of other rival manufacturers and have begun to produce innovative road bike components, a great example of their dedication can be seen in the RaceFace Ride XC crankset. While this is an entry crankset it comes with a litany of features which can be found on many competitive cranksets. As with all RaceFace products they are ultimately strong, the crank arms have been created using forged 6066 aluminium, which offers a high level of strength. The overall strength of the Ride XC crankset ensures that it can be used intensively by heavier riders. Another fantastic feature of the Ride XC is its unique ‘EXI’ interface bottom bracket system which is easy to install whilst maintaining an elevated level of stiffness. Our tests showed that the overall stiffness and strength of the Ride XC guarantees that little energy is lost whilst riding. The efficient transfer of power ensures that the cyclist performance is dramatically improved; this is particularly true during steep inclines. The overall weight of the crankset is lower than the majority of other entry level cranksets, and it is this lightness which further improves a road cyclist’s performance. The Ride XC also features RaceFace’s innovative triple wiper seal bearings which have been filled with Phil Wood waterproof grease, making them long lasting as well as creating a smooth feel when the crankset was spinning. The Ride XC is extremely durable, with the rings showing no wear after 60 miles of intensive riding. The Ride XC also contains the upgraded and redesigned 7075 aluminium 44 tooth outer chainring, which offers the rider fast and accurate shifting. The Ride XC crankset offers an entry level rider a fantastic component which contains a range of features, while the black finish gives the Ride XC a high quality look which parallels its high performance.

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