RaceFace Deus Review

Leading manufacturer Raceface has once again produced a fantastic cycling component which possesses a range of features that every cyclist at any level will appreciate. The RaceFace Deus has become an instant classic; its new design has been created using light machined 7050 aluminium which gives the crankset a high quality look as well as creating one of the lightest aluminium cranksets available to cyclists today. The crankset features a newly improved design that includes crank arms which have a minimal profile, making the Deus an ideal choice for cross country racers. The unique I-Beam profile design and the construction of the crankset have made it extremely strong as well as stiff. Our testers explained that the rigidity of the crankset could be felt in the first pedal, with the maximum amount of energy transferred to the road. With no energy lost during intensive cycling session it is apparent that the RaceFace Deus is definitely performance enhancing. The Deus CBC machined chainrings which feature stainless steel shifting pins and ramps ensure that the Deus shifts faultlessly. Our tests showed that the crankset shifted precisely and quietly during all cycling conditions. One of the best upgrades of the new RaceFace Deus is the Phil Wood grease filled ball bearings, which helps to eliminates friction and guarantees an extremely smooth ride. Additionally, the bearings along with the strength of the crankset ensure that the Deus is extremely durable and requires little maintenance. One of the best aspects of the RaceFace Deus is its easy installation for experienced cyclists; with the chainline very easy to install this is due to RaceFace unique spacer system on the bottom bracket. Unfortunately, while the majority of our testers agreed that the Deus was a brilliant crankset, a few of our testers pointed out a few faults in the RaceFace Deus, the main fault being that the bottom bracket can seize up after several miles of use. Despite this fault, however, all of our testers agreed that the strength and stiffness of the RaceFace Deus cannot be found on any other crankset available on today’s market.

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