Octane One D2 Review

Octane have been leading the cycling component market for the last few years, their commitment to create advanced projects that have been created using the most modern techniques and use the latest materials, which is why a great number of professional and recreational cyclists use Octane products. Each one of their products is specially designed by their in-house development teams and is rigorously tested to ensure that the final product is faultless. All of Octane’s products perform to a high standard and one of their best components is the Octane One D2. This pioneering crankset has been manufactured using high quality 6061 aluminium while the One D2 also features tremendously strong alloy 7075 cranksarms. Couple together this creates an extremely light and unbelievably tough crankset. More importantly, this unique combination of materials has created rigidity to the One D2, unfound on any other crankset creating an unbelievable amount of power transfer between the cyclist and the road. With no energy lost at any point our testers agreed that it noticeably improved a cyclist’s performance from the first pedal. Our testers also explained that the lightness of the crankset, which weighs a mere 750 grams also improved their performance and ensured that riding steeper inclines was a lot easier when compared to other heavier and flexible cranksets. The Octane One D2 also includes steel 32t and 22t chainrings, these chianrings are extremely durable as well as offering smooth and precise shifts between all ratios. These new line of cranksets also comes complete with 32t and 22t sprocket offering an improved level of protection and durability to the One D2. Further protection is created with the new PC transparent guard, which whilst protecting the crankset also enhances the cranksets design. The design of the One D2 is one of its unique features, available in a variety of colours including sleek black, clean white, fiery red and ice-cold blue any cyclists frame will be instantly updated by the One D2. The Octance One D2 is an ISIS type crankset that is high performing and durable and is ideal for a variety of cyclists including dirt, park, road, 4x, freeride or slopestyle, making the One D2 one of the most versatile cranksets available on the market today.

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