Kore Durox Review

Founded in 1988 by two passionate cycling enthusiasts, Martin and Charlie Kurke created a company that quickly developed a reputation for creating unique and innovative cycling components. In just under 23 years, Kore have become internationally recognised for creating their originally designed Thrashguard. A lot of Kore’s components are used by both professional and enthusiastic recreational cyclists in every corner of the world and whilst they are renowned for manufacturing their signature product, the Kore Thrashguard, they do develop a wide range of products from handlebars and pedals to seatposts. One of their best product ranges is their innovative crankset range and one of the best cranks produced is the Kore Durox. The Kore Durox has been developed using forged aluminium 7075 that has been shot peen and anodized. The unique design and use of this material has created a fantastic crankset, including the crankarms of the Kore Durox. By using this exceptional material on every aspects of the Kore Durox it has created an extremely strong and sturdy crankset. It is the strength of this Kore Durox which ensures that it is one of the most durable cranksets and our intensive tests showed that it is able to withstand an incredible amount of robust use and wear. Making the Kore Durox one of the most durable and reliable cranks available to riders on the market today. While the overall strength of the Kore Durox crankset has created durability, our tests also showed that the strength of the crankset meant it did not flex, even during intensive pedalling during steep inclines. The strength and rigidity of the crankset, in particular the crankarms guaranteed that power was efficiently transferred at all times, which greatly improved a cyclist’s performance. The chainrings of the Kore Durox have been created using forged aluminium 7075 with stainless steel pins, this perfect combination of material and design ensured that the crankset efficiently shifts through all ratios smoothly and quietly. The Kore Durox also features sealed cartridge ball bearings which help to ensure that the crankset is durable as well as spinning effortlessly and smoothly. The only fault our testers identified was the weight of the Kore Durox, which weighs 960 grams with the bottom bracket, making the crankset slightly heavier than other components on the market. However, this single drawback of the crankset has meant that it does possesses a high level of strength and rigidity that guarantees effective power transfer and greatly improves a cyclist performance.

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