Pro-Lite Siena Carbon Review

Pro-Lite is a renowned independent bicycle frame, parts and wheels creator that has produced products used on some of the most famous cycles parts that have been used by cycling professionals and enthusiasts. Pro-Lite makes every single product to guarantee that every rider gets the best possible product. Pro-Lite has once again created a revolutionary cycling product in the Pro-Lite Sienna Carbon chainset. The Sienna Carbon chainset’s unique design has been formulated by Pro-Lite’s own design department who have worked closely with a team of 15 European race circuit riders to create a carbon chainset that is unlike any other carbon chainset available on today’s market. The full carbon monocoque crank has been specially created by Pro-Lite’s own carbon forming machine which is a high-pressure model that utilizes 2.5 times more pressure than other manufacturer’s machines to ensure that every ounce of carbon material they produce is much stiffer and stronger than other producers. This expert and advanced method can be seen in the Sienna Carbon crankset, which is extremely light weighing just over 578 grams yet maintains a high level of stiffness, without a doubt it is clear to say that Pro-Lite have created the perfect weight-to-stiffness ratio, unmatched by any other chainset. The stiffness of this carbon chainset offers a great level of power transfer between cyclists and pedal, and our testers agreed that this optimum level of power transfer could be felt instantly and greatly improved the cyclist’s performance. Additionally, the bottom bracket whilst designed to provide a high level of rigidity does not flex, even during intense pedalling, creating further efficient power transfer between the cyclist and wheel. The entire chainset is not only light and stiff but it possesses an unbelievable level of strength, this was proven when the Sienna showed no faults when used by heavier cyclists up to 95 kilograms for prolonged periods. The Sienna slid into gear efficiently and smoothly, while our tests showed that the entire chainset was very durable. Pro-Lite, whilst a small manufacturer have once again shown in the Sienna Carbon chainset they are continually creating some of the best cycling products available to cyclists. From the design to the performance, Pro-Lite has undoubtedly produced another premium component for the professional and enthusiastic cyclist.

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