SRAM XX BB30 Review

Founded in 1987, SRAM have quickly become a recognisable cycling component manufacturer. SRAM are dedicated to creating the best possible components that have been made from the best material, created using the latest technology and are performance enhancing. Looking through their previous ranges and their latest products it is fair to say that SRAM have succeeded. Looking also at all of their components you can instantly see the company’s passion for cycling and dedication to producing the best products. And no product in the SRAM range shows this than their SRAM XX BB30 crankset. This component is going to revolutionise the way other manufacturers produce the bottom bracket. SPRAM have explained that the bottom bracket of the SRAM XX BB30 is a complete reinvention of the standard bracket. This pioneering component presses the bearing directly into an oversized BB shell, eliminating the need for external or internal BB cups. More importantly, this new innovative redesign creates a more rigid bottom bracket which our testers explained was instantly noticeable from the first pedal. The stiffness of the bottom bracket, crankarms and strong carbon fibre spider of the SRAM XX BB30 has guaranteed efficient power transfer between the cyclist and road, greatly improving the overall performance of the cyclist especially during competitive races. Additionally, the bottom bracket’s special redesign has produced more heel and ankle clearance preventing any discomfort caused by continual contact. The SRAM XX BB30 features SRAM pioneering aluminium PowerGlide chainrings has been specially designed to prevent flex whilst also effectively channelling power for an improved cycling performance. The chainrings also offer professional, precise, smooth and fast shifting through all ratios. Another great aspect of the SRAM XX BB30 is its lightness, using light weight carbon and aluminium has shaved a remarkable amount of weight off of the crankset which while aiding the cyclist’s performance, especially when cycling up steep inclines, also makes it one of the lightest cranksets available on the market today. Our testers agreed that the SRAM XX BB30 is very strong, good looking and very responsive, making it the perfect choice for competitive cyclists.

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