Shimano Ultegra SL 6650 Compact Review

Shimano have been producing some of the best cycling products for over 90 years, with each product manufactured to Shimano’s high standards. Today the company supplies high-quality cycling products to a variety of countries all around the globe, including the UK and North America. The Shimano Ultegra SL Compact Chainset is a fantastic update created by Shimano, which offers cyclists the optimum equilibrium of weight and stiffness. The Ultegra SL features Shimano’s crank that has been constructed using HollowTech II construction; this specific construction has removed almost 70 grams of weight compared to the previous Ultegra product, making the overall weight approximately 800 grams including the bottom bracket. The Ultegra 6650 also features the SM-FC6601 bottom bracket which includes the machined steel bottom bracket spindle, both of which have been revolutionary redesigned. The bottom bracket’s redesign has allowed Shimano to place the bearings of the bottom bracket further apart (outboard the frame), this feature has allowed Shimano to use larger bearings and increased axle diameter. The HollowTech construction and redesigned bottom bracket has created a very light weight chainset whilst maintaining and improving the overall stiffness of the entire chainset. This lightness of the chainset makes it the ideal choice for road racing, while the increased stiffness, which is maintained throughout prolonged cycling session, effectively transfers power between the cyclist and the road; with no energy loss it dramatically improves a cyclist’s performance. The Ultegra SL 6650 also features anodized aluminium crank arms which ensure that the chainset maintains a high standard of strength; this durability was visible during intensive pedalling tests with the chainset showing no flex at any point. Also featured on the Ultegra are anodized aluminium chainrings and chainring bolts, the chainrings have been pinned and ramped creating a shift which is precise, fast and smooth. Undoubtedly, the Shimano Ultegra SL 6650 has succeeded in creating a chainset which emphasizes and improves a cyclist performance. The chainset is available in two different colours in order to complement style of bike frame.

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