Shimano FCR600 Compact Review

Shimano was founded in 1921, with over 90 years producing cycling products, customers can be reassured that Shimano produce original, thoroughly tested products that would enhance every cyclists performance. The Shimano FCR600 compact chainset combines Shimano’s original designs and technologically advanced materials to create a fantastic product for cyclists that will give years of service. The Shimano FCR600 is a 10-speed compact crankset; this ideal speed level is perfect and compatible with a large majority of race bikes in particular, Shimano’s 10-speed component groups. Shimano have specially engineered the FCR600 integrated bottom bracket to guarantee a high level of rigidity unsurpassed by any other manufacturer chainset which offers the ultimate level of power transfer between the cyclist and road. Additionally, the entire chainset is extremely light in weight, making it perfect for cyclists undertaking races or track times. Whilst the chainset is extremely light and very stiff it is also very sturdy with our testers discovering no flex during intensive pedalling. The FCR600 features the Shimano Hyperdrive technology making shifting exceptionally super smooth as well as very accurate. One of the best aspects of the FCR600 is that it doesn’t require a derailleur or shifter, making it easy and quick to install. Overall, Shimano’s FCR600 compact chainset offers the cyclist a high level of performance for every level of rider at a reasonable price.

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