Shimano XTR Race M985 Review

International manufacturer of cycling components Shimano is arguably the most well known manufacturer of cycling components. The company have developed some of the most pioneering cycling components used by professional athletes and enthusiastic recreational cyclist all around the world. And have always remained at the forefront of the cycling market, one of latest and most pioneering products is the Shimano XTR Race M985. Shimano have always produced great cranksets and the Shimano XTR Race M985 which combines old designs and new exciting materials illustrate Shimano’s dedication to continually improve and enhance their products. Moreover, our testers argued that the best aspect of Shimano’s latest crankset was that it features the best aspects of race and trail cranksets, in particular offering more gear options, creating a unique component. Shimano has said that the Shimano XTR Race M985 is the perfect chainset which will effectively improve a cyclist’s performance on race-day and we have to agree. The greatest change of the Shimano XTR is the new technical aspects, in particular the new Hollowtech II cold forging process crankarm design. This new assembly process has created the perfect equilibrium between weight and strength unfound on many cranksets. Whilst the arms are light, with the crankset weighing a mere 720 grams in total, they possess an unbelievable amount of strength. More importantly, the entire crankset, including the arms possess an amazing amount of rigidity. Ensuring that power is efficiently transferred between cyclist and road and with no power lost at any point while cycling, furthermore, our tests showed that the chainset remarkably improved a cyclist’s performance. The Shimano XTR Race M985 aluminium chainrings have also been redesigned and enhanced; the outer chainring is also hollow with an advanced 3D shape making it incredibly stiff and deflection resistant, ensuring that the Shimano XTR Race M985 shifts precisely and easily through all ratios. The Shimano XTR Race M985 really is an original component that effortlessly combines road and trail features, whilst looking great making it the best chainset available for cyclists today.

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