Fulcrum Racing R-Torq Review

Fulcrum was established in 2004 by passionate cycling enthusiasts. A division of Shimano, Fulcrum have quickly developed a reputation for delivering interesting, reliable and unique cycling components and now distributes their world famous products to over 30 countries around the globe. This fast growing and exciting company have once again produced a fantastic cycling component that delivers exactly what you would expect from Fulcrum, the Fulcrum Racing R-Torq chainset is a product unrivalled by any other manufacturer chainset. The stylish chainset has been created using the highest quality unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fibre. The Racing R-Torq comprises of an unbelievable level of strength and stiffness, this stiffness is evident when pedalling, with no power lost between the cyclist and the bike it dramatically improves a cyclists performance. This stiffness and power transferring ability can be seen in the firm hollow crank arms, which have also been created using unidirectional and multidirectional carbon fibre, unfound on any other chainset on the market. The Racing R-Torq features Fulcrum’s signature CULT efficient hybrid ceramic bearings, which allows the chainset to run smoothly whilst remaining durable. Our testers agreed that the chainrings aluminium oxide ‘Hard-Ox’ coating allowed the chainrings to efficiently and quietly glide between ratios. The Racing R-Torq weighs a little over 740 grams including the bottom bracket, making it a remarkable 30 grams lighter than its main rival the Shimano Ultegra SL, the light feel to the chainset undoubtedly aids a cyclist’s performance. The chainset is simple to assemble and requires very little maintenance to keep it pristine condition. The Felcrum Racing R-Torq feels great when ridden but more importantly, it is the perfect chainset for road cyclists; the component possesses performance enhancing features that the competitive athletes demand. Our tests showed that Fulcrum has carefully designed this component and it is this attention to detail which makes the Racing R-Torq a fantastic chainset.

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