Easton EC90 Review

The Easton Bicycle Products Group has been providing cyclists with high-quality advanced products for several years now and continues to manufacture perfect products for every level of cyclist. The Easton EC90 carbon chainset is the latest release from Easton, weighing a mere 558 grams, the EC90 is one of the lightest carbon chainsets available to date. The EC90 has been created using a CNT Composite, an extremely advanced, highly refined carbon fibre material that has been specially moulded to offer a light yet durable material. However, despite the chainsets low weight it offers a rider a high level of rigidity, creating the perfect weight to strength equilibrium, unfound in any other carbon model available on the market today. The EC90 features an array of Easton features, firstly, the innovative Taperwall arm design creates accurate control, while the carbon nanotube-enhanced resins provide the chainset with its strength and rigidity. Furthermore, the five-arm integrated spider and 24mm chromoly spindle create additional stiffness within the chainset. The EC90 also features Easton innovative plastic bearing sleeve/seal to lessen any friction created whilst riding and create a durable, fast and smooth turning of the chainset. The EC90 produces high quality shifts that adjust smoothly and accurately under power. The EC90 has aggressive, stylish graphics giving the chainset a high-quality, race bike finish, but more importantly, Easton explain that it has been tested at over 500,000 cycles in a fatigue test and the EC90 lasted five times longer than other carbon chainsets on the market, making this carbon chainset uniquely durable. Unfortunately, some of our testers noticed a fault with the chainset; in particular the spindle can on occasion come loose from the crank. However, this has only occurred on a few occasions and the EC90 still remains an exciting product which combines stiffness and lightness, through all power ratios making it a must have product for the true enthusiast.

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