Campagnolo Veloce Review

Campagnolo was founded by Tullio Campagnolo. Tullio’s innovative performance enhancing designs meant that the company flourished and quickly expanded over the following years. Tullio’s high standards can still be seen in many of Campagnolo products today, in particular the Campagnolo’s Veloce Power-Torque crankset. This latest product offered by Campagnolo has revolutionised the standard crankset and possesses a wide range of features. Created using the ultimate forged lightweight aluminium the crankset includes the newly developed Power Torque System that features on the Campagnolo racing winning Centaur. This new Power Torque system bottom bracket comes with clear and simple instructions making it extremely easy to assemble and provides an effect and perfect solution to the new Campagnolo 10 speed drivetrains. More importantly, our testers agreed that the Power Torque system possesses and maintains a high level of rigidity, unfound on previous models. The high level of stiffness to the crankset and the optimised Q and U factors guarantees effective and efficient power transfer, making it the fastest operating set available on today’s market. Additionally, our tests revealed that the new remodelled M.P.S Micro Positioning Shifting) chainrings maintain this optimum level of stiffness as well as providing accurate and fast shifting. Campagnolo’s chainrings possess an antifriction treatment, giving the crankset an extremely noticeable smooth feel whilst riding. While the new teeth design ensures that the crankset effectively and precisely shifts easily between rings. Available in black or silver, the crankset is aesthetically pleasing and will improve the look of any frame. The crankset is very durable, after extensive testing it required very little maintenance. The single fault our tester could agree upon was that is was a little heavier, weighing 753 grams, compared to other cranksets available on today’s market. Overall, Campagnolo have once again produced the most technically advanced cycling product, which should dramatically improve any cyclist’s performance and enjoyment.

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