Funn Hooka MX Review

Funn Hooka a relatively new cycling component manufacturer, however, their affordable products include a wide range of features are ensuring that they are quickly building an excellent reputation among professional and recreational cyclists around the world. Their latest product release is the Funn Hooka MX crankset, designed specifically for BMX racing; the crankset has been created using the highest quality, extremely strong Aluminium 7050 TG and our tests upon handling them commented on how strong this crankset felt. The Funn Hooka MX also features AL6061-T6 crankarms; the strong combinations of aluminium guarantee an unparalleled level of strength making them durable and ideal for those tough BMX courses. More importantly, the Funn Hooka MX perfect combination of material has created a crankset that is extremely stiff, no flex could been seen during intensive pedalling and all of the power pushed into the pedal goes directly to the back wheel. And it is because of this rigidity that no power is lost at any point of the ride guaranteeing that riders can reach ludicrous speeds declining, inclining or when riding on flats. The speed reached on these crankset is further aided by the low weight, weighing 615 grams the Funn Hooka MX is one of the lightest available on the market to date for BMX riders; however, despite its low weight they are extremely sturdy. Unlike a lot of BMX cranksets the Funn Hooka MX comes with a steel pedal insert, while this unique feature reduces the chances of stripping the threads it also can be replaced. One of the main aspects of the Funn Hooka MX which are testers appreciated was its easy installation. No poorly cut threads, strange interfaces or strange plastic tools can be found on this crankset. Instead the crankset mounted easily using a 10mm allen bolt and riders were assured that they had the crankset on correctly by the defined bottom out point of the spindle, this easy installation ensured that riders were back on the track in record time. Overall, the Funn Hooka MX is a fantastic, easily affordable ISIS crankset but you need to be very brave to use this crankset because you will reach blistering speeds from the first pedal stroke.

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