Campagnolo Athena Review

For generations Campagnolo have been the leading manufacturer of cycling products, each product they have produced has been a revelation to professional and enthusiastic cyclists. And the Campagnolo Athena is a continuation of the Italian Masters innovative and unique design, and the complete redesign of this chainset can be seen at the first glance. This all-alloy chainset possess a host of features unfound on any other chainset component today. It features a forged aluminium, lightweight crank spider that is light in weight whilst remaining one of the stiffest available for cyclists. It is the stiffness which makes the Athena one of the best chainsets Campagnolo has ever produced, the overall rigidity of the chainset guarantees maximum power transfer between the cyclist and the wheel. With our intensive tests showing no power loss at any point, this improved power transfer guarantees that a cyclist performance is greatly improved.

There are different options of the Athena Chainset to choose from:

Athena Carbon Compact 11sp

The carbon fibre Athena crankset from Campagnolo is over 100g lighter than the standard version and features newly designed chain up and down shift zones to ensure incredibly swift and responsive shifting.

The Athena Carbon Compact 11spd also features full carbon uni- and multi-directional cranks and a POWERTORQUE axle that provide superb stiffness and rigidity, a light weight and excellent power transmission.

The double chainset also places the seat of the ball bearings in the optimal position to ensure a reduction in mechanical stresses and friction while also protecting against water and dust. Finally the Athena is finished off with light alloy chainrings that have a hard anodisation treatment and feature an XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System). The Athena also features an 8 pin outer chainring and has light alloy fixing nuts and bolts.
The chainset weighs in at a total of 644g.

Note: Requires Power-Torque BB cups

Athena Compact 11sp

The Athena Compact 11sp from Campagnolo is a lightweight and high quality chainset that features newly designed shift up and shift down zones to make gear changes both swift and precise.

The Athena double also features lightweight forged alloy cranks and super alloy silver anodised rings that feature XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System). The chainset also comes with light alloy bolt and nut fixings and has an 8 pin outer chainring. The Athena double also has the seat of ball bearings in the optimal position which results in a reduction in the mechanical stresses and friction while also offering protection from water and dirt.

Finally, the new Power Torque System™ found on the chainset offers efficient power transmission and excellent rigidity, while the Athena Double weighs in at an impressively low 736g.

Athena Ultra Torque Compact 11sp

The Athena Ultra-Torque chainset is made from the usual high quality Campagnolo components, features precise shifting and is available at an affordable price. The chainrings on the Athena Ultra-Torque feature a new Supersize design resulting in an improved power transfer. The 11 speed rings are also designed to offer two specialised sectors for ascent and two for descent, meaning smooth and fast shifting. Campagnolo have also managed to reduce the overall weight of the chainset by 80g compared to the previous model.

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