Campagnolo Record Review

The Campagnolo Record chainset group has a number of options available to the rider, these include:

Campagnolo Record Carbon Compact 10sp

The Record is Campagnolo’s ultimate version of their Ultra Torque chainset range. The Record features a completely hollow carbon fibre structure – Both the main crank arm and the small arms supporting the chainrings are completely hollow.

This ‘Ultra-Hollow’ structure ensures an incredibly light weight while still providing incredible strength, rigidity and a long life span. The Ultra Torque carbon cranks also have an oversized steel axle fixed directly to the carbon structure of the crank, resulting in an even greater weight saving.

The Record Carbon Compact 10sp also features Ultra-Hollow™ composite crankarms, light alloy fixing bolts and nuts, EPS chainrings with anti-friction treatment, an 8-pin outer chainring and integrated ULTRA-TORQUE semi-axles. The chainset weighs in at just 643g.

Campagnolo Record Carbon Double 11sp

The Record Carbon Double 11sp from Campagnolo is an ultra high quality chainset that features precise and fast shifting under any conditions. The Record features light alloy chainrings with XPSS (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) that ensures the chain shifts effortlessly up and down the rings. The chainset also comes with full-carbon unidirectional-multidirectional hollow cranks, light alloy fixing bolts and an 8-pin outer chainring.

The Record is finished off with Ultra Smooth Bearings and integrated ULTRA-TORQUE semi-axles (ULTRA-TORQUE BB cups not included). The Campagnolo Record Carbon Double 11sp chainset weighs in at 627g.

Campagnolo Record Carbon TT 11sp

The Record Carbon TT is a high performance chainset from Campagnolo that is designed for time-trial and Triathlon professionals. The Record TT was engineered to ‘transmit all of the cyclist’s power, without losing even one Watt.’ The chainset provides the ultimate in performance: Fast and fluid shifting, smooth and fluid pedal strokes and maximum rigidity
for perfect power transmission.

The Record Carbon TT is designed to transmit 100% of the riders power to the wheel. It boasts the best U and Q factors in the category, has maximum torsional stiffness and unidirectional carbon fibre cranks.

The XPSS chainrings on the Record TT provide precise and extremely fast shifting, while the 8 up shift and 2 downshift zones provide accurate and swift gear changes under any load.

The chainset also features USB ceramic ball bearings that reduce friction and provide maximum smoothness, an integrated Crank/Chainring Mounting System, Hollow cranks and spider arms with Ultra-Hollow technology and and 53 gear toothing.

To go up another notch you may want to consider the Super Record Chainsets.

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